Summer Membership Special!

May 19-Sept 1 ($199.00 single, $299.00 family)- Enjoy our beautiful pool, cool off and have lunch in our full service restaurant. Pool hours: Tuesday to Sunday 11:30- 7:00.

Parent and Child Membership!

To Qualify… Have a child 10 years old or less.
That child must be participating in any Quick Start Class, Select Academy or Futures.
If you meet both requirements hurry and take advantage of this special offer.

Here’s how it works…
Step 1…
Simply complete the membership application with the parent listed as the primary member. Yes, you and your 10 and under child can enjoy full membership benefits. That means you can reserve courts, play outside for free, utilize the red and orange balls for practice, work out in the fitness center…and much more.
Step 2…
Drop your completed information off at the Front Desk. A credit card must be on file. A small membership fee of $25.00 will be drafted each month along with your personal monthly charges if applicable. This is a 6 month membership agreement; our normal terms are 12 months. Click here for a printable illustration.
Monthly Membership Dues, based on a 12 month commitment. Rates vary from about $32.00 to $93.00 per month. Click here to schedule a tour, or simply call 913.642.6880 to speak personally about specials and options.

Family Membership

Family Membership Senior Saver (both spouses over 60) Senior Saver (one spouse over 60)

Individual Membership

Individual Senior Saver (60 and over) Individual age 21-30 Junior (under 21) /year OPRC Academy
New members are entitled to a free tennis evaluation by one of our staff tennis pros to assist in proper placement in leagues, clinics, and other programs.

Reciprocal golf privileges with Meadowbrook Country Club

We are excited to announce that OP Racquet Club members now have the privilege of playing golf at Meadowbrook Country Club. Please click here for all the details.

Guest Policy

Members may invite guests to use Overland Park Racquet Club’s facilities with them. The same individual may not be a guest more than three times in a season. Members are responsible for their guests while at the club. This includes any charges which the guest incurs. Please register all guests. Registered guest: $12 per visit