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Fall 2014 Schedules are posted. Simply click on your child’s age group for details,
4-6 years, 7-8 years, 9-10 years.

The Quick Start play format has proven to be a more successful way to teach our children the game of tennis. It’s fun, fast, and most of all, the kids can see early progression in a game that’s highly difficult to master. Our coaching staff will make sure each and every child has a chance to progress and love the game. Our 10 and Under Tennis program focuses on the most vital skills to help your son or daughter have success in tennis. You will see visually, and hear all about “the OPRC difference” the minute you join our program.

If you are unsure where your child fits just call Chris Claypool at 913.642.6880.

Commonly asked questions:
  • Do you use “right sized” balls?  Of course, we use all levels of decompressed balls from our Quick Start format classes, all the way to our Academy.
  • Can I start a session if I’ve missed the first couple weeks? Sure, our 10 and Under classes are structured to make mid-entry sign ups easy. Just call the Front Desk and we’ll get you all set.
  • So what’s “the OPRC difference?” Quite simply, it’s the way we communicate with the players, and even the parents, making sure everyone understands what the next steps are for each and every player. We have a detailed Progression Plan and every single player has a place within it.
  • Is 3 years old too young? Normally 3 years old is pushing it:). If your son or daughter can participate in class, safely, while following instructions, we are game to give it a shot.

USTA QuickStart 10 & Under Tennis

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NOTE: Please see our Junior Tennis page for more information on Smashers/Advanced Smashers (age 11-13) and Teens/Advanced Teens (age 14+).