Junior Tennis Classes


AGES 4-6 OR 7-8

This series is geared towards beginning players with either little or no tennis experience.

We will utilize the “red ball” and smaller racquets which are great tools to teach rally skills

and basic swing technique. The kids will play on a smaller court that makes for sense for their

size just like other sports such as soccer and basketball.


AGES 9-12

This series focuses on players that are first learning basic swing technique, rally skills, and

proper scoring for tennis. The goal of this class is to teach correct grips, swings, and hand eye

coordination. We will utilize the orange and green balls in this class.


AGES 13+

This series is for players that are learning how to properly swing the racquet,

keep score, control the ball to a target, and begin to understand the basic strategies of tennis.

Through this series our goal will be to prepare players for competition in leagues, tournaments, or their

high school tennis teams. This series is the final step before graduation into our well known

Varsity Academy!


AGES 12-18

The Varsity Academy is well known throughout the region as the highest quality

training environment for players that want to be successful on their high school tennis teams at

the Varsity level. These players are required to become junior members of the club.

They are encouraged to attend up to 3 days a week for group clinics and work 1 on 1 with one of

our high performance coaches. Most Varsity Academy players are participating in off

season tournaments or league competition. We also offer organized match play on Sunday

afternoons to sharpen those competitive skills!


AGES 8-10

This program is for intermediate that are currently utilizing the orange and green balls

in competition or practice. We take a step by step method of building strong swing technique

and movement skills designed to build a foundation for players interested in becoming

an advanced tournament competitor. This clinic is the stepping stone to our more

competitive KCUT 12U program. Players are encouraged to attend at least twice a week and work

1 on 1 with one of our high performance coaches in order to speed up the improvement process.

Junior membership is required.


AGES 10-12

This program is designed for more advanced players that have goals of competing at a

local, regional, and national level of the USTA. The clinics mirror a similar format to that of

our national recognized KCUT academy. Players are expected to attend at least twice a week

and work 1 on 1 with one of our high performance coaches. Our staff is providing parents with a

list of tournaments every semester that players are encouraged to compete in.

KCUT 12 & Under players will be competing, drilling, conditioning, and learning about physical and

mental recovery each week. Junior membership is required.